Lynton Crosby

Lynton Crosby AO

Co-Founder, C|T|F Partners


Lynton Crosby is Co-Founder of C|T|F Partners a member of the C|T Group a specialist opinion research, strategic communications and campaigns company.  The company provides counsel and campaign advice to countries, companies, candidates and communities.  It brings the skills learnt in political campaigns to communications issues and challenges in other areas, deploying a diverse range of tools to achieve clients’ objectives.

Crosby was a successful national Campaign Director for Australia Prime Minister John Howard’s Liberal Party in 1998 and 2001 and was Campaign Director for the British Conservative Party during the 2005 General Election when the Party won 33 seats, the first net gain from Labour since 1992.  Crosby returned to British politics for the May 2008 London Mayoral Campaign, he masterminded the campaign that saw Conservative candidate Boris Johnson beat the Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone. In 2012 he repeated this success as Campaign Director for Boris Johnson for a second term, Back Boris 2012, bucking the Conservative Party’s national trend.  He is a campaign strategist and organisation specialist.

With three decades of marketing and communications experience, Lynton's advice and expertise is regularly sought by leading figures in the corporate and political sector.

His understanding of the importance of delivering results based recommendations, advice and direction comes from having worked on dozens of communications and election campaigns across the globe.

Lynton Crosby's intuitive sense of delivering the results that are needed has been finely honed through his many years of providing high-level advice to Prime Ministers, Premiers, Opposition Leaders and leaders of Business.

Lynton holds a degree in Economics from The University of Adelaide.

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